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Friday, January 14, 2011


assalamualaikum..huhu..=) at friday..
i fell so suprised n all praise to ALLAH bcoz...i'm became a driver to went to alamanda Putrajaya..
fuh...at 1st time when my frenz ask to me drive the car... i dont believe at myself..
it is because.. i havent experienced to drive car at highway..or the placed busy..
hmm..but they make me confident..hmm..'wt pe de lesen tp xgne kn..huhu'
in this morning..we waited the car that we want to rent today...
half an hour we waited..huhu
our expectation about the car,maybe kancil or kelisa or so on..
but..you know??? the car not comfortable..
the 'stereng' hard...huhu..
the brake..hmm.. i dont know how to say...
i fell nervous when when i want to parking un the alamanda...
ish3.... its a new experienced to me...
but..all our journey alhamdulilah...
at 5.00pm..we arrived at KK1....
fuh..so release...!!! (^_^)

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