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Saturday, January 1, 2011

~ 2011... ~

new year coming finally...=)
so..all the people always ask..
~ what ur determination? in new year?? ~
n absolutely ur determination is very high n full of hope..ur determination become true in this year..
but....sometimes our determination not able 2 achieve...bcoz what??

1: ur strength not alwayz high...at the middle year..smetimes..our strength decrease compare in the new year..=)
2: u forget ur determination n focus at something else..
3: ur determination is very high n difficult to achieve it..
4: ur self-confidence sometimes increase n decrease..like temperature..huhu

so.... whatever ur determination....
u must focus n confidence to get the best in ur life...
continue ur beautiful life,,,
straight 4ward..dont belok2!!he3..

ok...let me tell u..whats my determination..huhu
1: all in my life...obey to ALLAH n RASUl n my parents...
2: improve myself..to be a better person..
3: study smart to give happiness to my family..=)

hopefully...i would able to face all the tests that will coming..huhu..
all the happen..absolutely have de 'hikmah'...=).
~ fast n fast.. ~ =)
Gudluck 4 all my frenz...=)
اجتهاد ولا تكسل....

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