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Saturday, January 1, 2011

~1st January 2011~

what we do in the morning 1st january,,,??huhu
before i start tell our activites,,,huhu

29th december: come back to nilam
30th december: exodus to KK1 in usim
31th december: went to nilai3 n giant with?? huda,marly,syalid,niah,aikah,bella n k.di..=)

ok...my feeling at 1st time see my room at KK1..i'm very hepi...huhu
bcoz i'm de 1st person tht enter this room..n i got the best port,,huhu
such as..my bed is at bottom in double dacker bed..huhu..~alhamdulilah..~
got best table,near at plag..he3...
although very tired to tide my room n locker..but i'm very satisfied...=) alhamdulilah..
'ALLAH memudhkn sgala urusan..'

at 31th??huhu
1st night in KK1? whts feeling?huhu
hmm..in night..suddenly..black out??
owh no!!!
very not comfortable to sleep..huhu..
in the morning..we went to nilai with the cloth not iron???
we shopping together..=)
we bought 'ampai'...huhu..not bad r..we share 6people at 1 'ampai..'..
ok r..finish about the story at 31th..

let we open de new book..
1st day at 2011..
we??? who? me.huda,marliana n syalid...go to pavillion at 7am..he3
we play at pavillion..n joging...exercise our body!!he3..
after this..we absolutely want to pavilion at free time..=)..
very fantastic n bravo..kih3..

*new spirit to enter sem2 at this monday..=)
u can do it dear..=)
hopefully our life will colourful n happiness in this year...
improve positive n critical n critis thinking..=)

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