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Thursday, July 7, 2011

~All Praises to ALLAH~

~Assalamualaikum + Salam Ceria-ceria selalu..~

Alhamdulilah… I had finished my short sem already..

Tuesday (5/7)= Feqh,Ibadat wa Munakahat examination

Wednesday (6/7)= Akidah Islamiyah examination

All praises to ALLAH.. Thank you ALLAH.. ^_^

Tomorrow I go to hometown…! Rengit! I’m back! Miss my mother dishes..huhu..

Actually, many matters happen in my life… but I know, it is test from ALLAH..

1) My result >> alhamdulilah..Better than before.. Although the result no achieved as dean list, but I’m very satisfied with it.. ~SucceSS is By DeSiGn Not By AccideNt~ as long as I will give happiness to my family it’s the best moment for me.. =)

2) ALSP= 2nd prize while ELSP=1st prize… >> All praises to ALLAH.. first time create movie together all members of B4.. It is the best moment n sweet memory… all of them give full of cooperation and do the best with bombastic ideas! Luv u all.. this moments will be remembered forever…. ^_^

3) Find the True Love >> Alhamdulilah n all praises to ALLAH… I must find the true love.. be a true Muslimah… muhasabah diri with find out where is the true and false… come on.. the greater love is from ALLAH.. ALLAHu Rabbi… Thank to ALLAH because HE give me strength and give guidance and peacefulness deep in my heart… ^_^

~ However or where ever or whatever we do.. all of this must depend on ALLAH.. Because ALLAH the best creator and knows the best to Muslim… ~

~Bersyukurlah.. maka ALLAH akan tambahkan Nikmatnya..~ Believe it…

~Please..do not expects to humans..but..only ALLAH….ALLAH always with us.. talk and pray to ALLAH.. insyaALLAH.. yourself will become more calm and harmony. ~

P/s: all of tests from ALLAH to test his slave how they manage their problems and test their IMAN.. reminder for me and all Muslim..


  1. ِaSMaa....let's His love flow through in our life..:)

  2. solehah..syukran...
    insyaALLAH..love ALLAH in deep my heart... =)