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Friday, June 3, 2011

~AmaZing Short Sem~ =)

Assalamualaikum… bagaimana perasaan hari ni? Yg ceria…teruskan ceria.. yg berduka…jgn bersedih krn ALLAH sentiasa with us!! Believe it dear… ^_^

Dah lama xupdate my blog..huhu.. terkadang jari ingin menari d keyboard nie..tapi jari ni lebih prefer bermain2 dan bermanja2 dgn game.. huhu.. facebook?? Sama lah juga…he3…

I want to tell u about my short sem at USIM.. hmm…its very tough to stay in 2 months here.. why?? It is because, all of my friends who are studied at different university had long holiday… 4 months! After raya they will continued their new sem… but…I know, USIM different compared others university,,. Special!! =).. don’t be jealous ok! ^_^.. all of students who studied at sem 2 compulsory to take this short sem… what the subjects?? Hmm..actually 2 subjects only but plus wit ALSP +ELSP =4 subjects.. but ALSP+ELSP don’t have final exam..but must create short film…huhu..

Ok.. let me introduce the subjects…=)

1) ~Fiqh, Ibadat and Munakahat~

Ha…. What u think?? Why u all smile?? Ehem3… shhhhh…. ^_^

Actually short sem had already began at three weeks ago… I love this subject… why?? After we studied some of chapters, I aware that many inputs and new knowledge.. Alhamdulillah.. I’ll improve my ibadah and try to share with others..insyaALLAH… my lecturers at lecture and tutorial best!! Both of them expert in fiqh. Many of questions get the good answers,, its make our short semester interesting and not bored at all… I know..all my friends impatient to study MUNAKAHAT! Huhu.. why?? Many of people said, “after study Munakahat, u can getting married” he3.. its funny!

Akidah’s lecturer said “first year learn Munakahat?? Wah…its too early to learn.. but u will prepare to choose and to be selected..” as we know, knowledge is very wide… not necessarily for short time but for future life… and believe it..all of us will face this situation in their life especially “marriage” who do not want to married?? Please raise ur hand like me!! He3… just kidding… waiting midterm at 6th June.. hope everything runs smoothly..insyaALLAH… ^_^

2) ~Akidah Islam~

Ha… this subject also important in our life.. do u agree?? Although I take accounting course, this subject important to guide us to right way. Besides that, imagine… after we get out of university, we will meet many people.. I’m very sure and not impossible, people will ask us about akidah issues.. they see us as graduated from Islamic university…definitely we are the ones where that they should reference.. so..study smart! Improve our knowledge… credit to my lecturers. =) so…increase ur strength to study smart..! be a good students and good attitude…

~alhamdulilah ALSP+ELSP=smooth.. =).. hopefully simplified..insyALLAH.. chaiyok2!! Ikimasho! (lets go!) seiko o inorimasu! (gudluck!)

with big love to all readers.. arigato!

p/s: pnt dah tgn nie menari di ats keyboard nie.he3.. sy budak baru belajar.. want to improve my English.. (^_^)

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