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Thursday, October 27, 2011

~The power of good health~

As a muslim, we open with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. may ALLAH bless us always...
As i mention earlier in this entry about ~the power of good health~... what do you think?? what can you imagine about this?? ha..i see your smile.. ^_^..
First of all, as a muslim, we must proud to be muslim, it is because we believe that good health come from ALLAH.. without HIS blessing, our life will be ruined and missing peaceful feeling.. why i say like that? for example..if you get fever, how about your condition? what are you feel? i believe, if you or me at this condition, we feel sick, moody, just sleep all day... and the important things! we cannot do ibadah as well as when we are healthy.. am i right?? =)..
we must always thanks for giving us good health.. say ALHAMDULILAH... ^_^

Secondly, as we can see in Malaysia have three races. Malays, Chineses, and Indians people in one country.. lets look at recreation garden at anywhere at weekend, how many people do exercises in weekend day? we can count only by our fingers..=).. But, do you notice what races love and always do exercises?? think two seconds.....=)..
yes! chineses monopoly recreation park.. why? where our races? Malay? maybe solat dhuha,, or manage their home.. =) (good expectation) well, lets look and examine, chineses alert and always take care their health and take balanced diet in daily life.. They know how to maintain their fitness and don't be weird why chinese almost further ahead compared the other races.. This entry not be to down the races but, we all in 1 Malaysia, so,if we cooparate without any jealousy feeling, our county become unite and harmony.. am i right? ^_^
lets go exercise! our mind fresh,our body healthy!

Thirdly, ~Prevention is better than cure~.. exercises also prevent illnesses in our life.. everybody do not want depend on medicines at old age absolutely...=).. as we know, when we at healthy condition our production better than at unhealthy condition...=)..
smile always make our self happy and cheerful and others comfortable with us.. ^_^ it is one of therapy to boost our confidence..

to all my beloved readers....
after pray subuh, take a few minutes to do exercises although just at home.. get some fresh air, so when our brain enough oxygen, we not easily sleepy... give thanks to ALLAH! Alhamdulilah..
start your day with smile and new determination.!. thats all for today...=)..
~Practice make Perfect~
~love nature~

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